The Musings of a Fairytale Maker

Open Doors

Trengwainton, Cornwall

Those of you who have followed me for a while may know my love of doors. I really don’t know what it is. Is it the promise of adventure? the mystery of not knowing what’s behind the door? the promise of opportunity? I find all of these things very positive options.

And so I try, once again, to keep a blog. When will I learn that I am not organised enough to do this I don’t know. But as I have my new website and without a blog it can appear quite static, I am willing to give it another try. Thank you for bearing with me.

So my last blog entry at was in September 2020 (Ahem!) And I mention there that I am keen to create again. And now I have done some new work – Hurrah! Some of them are here and I am just about to photograph and frame pieces to put in my shop. I will do another blog entry (honest Guv!) when I have uploaded the new work and I can tell you all about it then.