Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to make up stories. Her ambition was to be a writer like Enid Blyton. She spent her time playing shops and offices and learning to sew with her Grandmother and Mother.

Then she grew up and entered the big brave world. Life happened! She did all the ‘normal’ things that we have to do: got a job as a secretary, got married, had children, got divorced but the need to create never left her and so she returned to her childhood self and started making stories and illustrating them with her embroidery and stitching and collaging.

She used all the wonderful items she had collected over the years. The beautifully handwritten letters and invoices, the pocket watch faces, the old tins and other ephemera and gave them new life in her collages.

Her name is Corinne Phillips and she became the Fairytale Maker and Ephemerologist.

Welcome to my website! It’s lovely that you’re here!

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